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Lesson 43 - Paginated Reports in Power BI Desktop

Paginated reports are ideal for scenarios where we need to print or share reports in a format that resembles traditional paper-based reports. In this we have more control for printed reports, it can fit well on a page. These reports contain tables, matrices, charts, and other elements that are formatted to fit on a page. This paginated report visual integrated with Power BI to bring added feature to the reports.

To create a Paginated report visual, you must be signed into the Power BI service. We can create paginated report in Power BI service but u can’t format anything in Power BI service. We can edit the paginated report created in Power BI service with Power BI report Builder

You can download via Microsoft download Centre (Download Microsoft® Power BI Report Builder from Official Microsoft Download Center)

How to Proceed?

Step 1

In “visualizations” pane click on “Paginated Report” which is highlighted in the given figure. 

Step 2

When u click on the Paginated report visual it will ask for power BI service log in, once u logged in “Embed a Paginated report” will get displayed. Choose connect to report to access the created paginated report from the power BI service

Step 3

I have already uploaded “Olympic Events” Data into OneLake data hub. Choose the data and create a paginated report

Step 4

In the Power BI service Click on the Create button and start creating Paginated report.

Step 5 Design your Paginated Report

Simply Drag and drop the required fields for paginated report. we can also add filters here as we do in power BI desktop. Here I included Report only for athletes who secured medal hence filtered No medal from Medal field.

Step 6 Formatting the Header

We can format the Paginated Report header with different style formats. Finally save the paginated report in workspace

Step 7 Embedding a paginated report from Power BI

We can further edit this paginated report in Report builder too.

Click on the saved Paginated report to view the report in Power BI.

Turn On the Toolbar Setting in Formatting section of this Paginated Report Visual. We can show or hide the Toolbar and Customize the Toolbar position in the Paginated Report visual.

From the toolbar report readers can easily export the paginated report by clicking Export option from the tool pane. Paginated report supports exporting to different formats like MS excel, PDF, CSV, Word,.html, XML.
We can use the arrow button to go through next pages of report. we can export up to 1,000,000 rows to excel

Auto Apply Filters

When we turn on Auto apply filters, paginated report will get update automatically while applying filters to other visual. By default, it will be turned off. 

Finally, I Exported the report in PDF format which looks super neat with clean formatting.

Power BI Table reports Vs Paginated Reports

Paginated reports have ability to print all the data in the table whereas in Power BI reports when we export the multiple page report data into pdf file, the output look like a single page report with a scroll bar which is more like an image or screenshot.
Power BI reports are interactive reports, designed for self-service analytics, while paginated reports prioritize precise formatting and printing for formal reporting needs. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of our reporting use case, considering things like interactivity, data exploration, and presentation needs.

When to use paginated reports?

Paginated reports are designed for specific scenarios where precise formatting, printing, and sharing of data in a structured, tabular format are necessary, can be used for large datasets where users can scroll through different pages with ease.

  • Paginated report ensures pixel perfect consistent formatting for all pages
  • Can handle large datasets
  • Gives professional look
  • Data export capabilities

  • Less Interactive
  • Report creation depends on specific tool (Report Builder)
  • Not suitable for all types of data
  • We cannot drill through the reports


Paginated reports are valuable for use cases where precise formatting, printing, and structured data presentation are important. They are suitable handle scenarios where we require professional-looking documents with consistent layouts. However, the choice to use paginated reports depends on specific reporting needs, user preferences etc.

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