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Lesson 42 - Key Influencers in Power BI Desktop

Power BI has many features or visuals in analyzing the data, Here the Key Influencer visuals is known for its powerful way to analyze and identify the factors that influencing specific metric or any measure in our data.

In the below blog post will guide through the process of creating Key Influencers in Power BI.

How to Proceed?

Step 1 
Launch power BI desktop app and open the new report page and import the data required. 

Step 2

In “visualizations” pane click on “Key Influencers” which is highlighted in the given figure. 

Step 3

Drag the data fields into “Field Section “that we want to and analyze. 

Analyze: Metric value we want to analyze - Medal

Explain by: Influencer – Region that influence number of Medals - Region

Expand By: To analyze Measure value as a metric- Currently we left as it is since we
analyzing categorical value as a metric

Step 4 Features of Key Influencer

There are two tabs in this visual 
  • Key Influencers
  • Top Segments

Key Influencers

Key Influencers shows the top contributors where we can analyze each contributor individually. Here in this visual it shows the analysis like the “medal is more likely gold when the region is USA”. From overall data USA Region is top influencer which has a greater number of data also USA won a most of the gold medals. We have a check box to show values only for influencers in the chart on the Right-side pane.

We have a dropdown in this key Influencer page in which we can choose the metric Value for which we need to analyze the key influencers. Also, we can sort the key influencers either by their Impact or Count which is available in the bottom left of the visual.
Each individual bubble in Key influencer represents the specific factor that influences the metric we are analyzing.

Top Segments

Top Segments tab in Key Influencer Visual analyze the combination which have impact on the analyzed metric. This feature helps in understanding combined effect on the analyzed data.

Here we have 4 segments. By selecting the bubbles display the details of each segment. In segment 1 which is USA have a greater number of medals and from the overall medals they secured a greater number of gold medals.

Step 5

Filters in the chart are like special tools that allow us to focus on specific parts of the data, making it easier to understand. In this visual we Excluded the “No Medal” count.

Step 6

Customizing the appearance of Key Influencers
You can customize the appearance of the visual.  
Gave suitable title for the visual and customize the font size, colour and position of the title.

Key Influencers tab and Top segments can be kept ON/OFF.

If the Counts option is enabled then we can see ring around the influencer bubble which actually represents the percentage of data that an influencer contains.

We can change the bubble colors and their background, secondary element colors etc., 

We can customize the color of the chart which displays on the right side pane of the Key Influencer Visual

Step 7 Save the visual

Finally, Key Influencer is ready. Click save button to save the visual.

When to use Key Influencers?

Key Influencer can be used when we need to analyze individual impact of a specific metric. From the analysis we can conclude which factors plays major role in change of metric

  • We can easily interpret insights from the analysis
  • Even Non-technical users can understand and explore this visual.
  • Quick analysis

  • Accuracy of data is depending on the quality of data which has high data dependency.
  • Good understanding of data is must for interpreting the results with accuracy


Key Influencers in Power BI are beneficial when we need quick insights into the factors impacting a metric. They are user-friendly .Here in this blog we have analyzed the categorical metric there are also other ways to interpret measures also.

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