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Lesson 12 - Smart Narrative in Power BI Desktop

Smart Narrative in Power BI allows you to auto generate human like narration to explain key factors, trends and insights about the data. It helps you provide quick summary of visuals which can also be customized.

Here for Stacked Area chart visual I created a smart narrative.

How to Proceed?

Step 1

To create smart narrative about any visual, Right click anywhere on the visual and select summarise. 

Step 2 Editing Smart Narrative

The smart narrative is now created. It can be customized based on the requirements.
We can add dynamic values or own values to the summary. Click on the smart narrative and 
Click “+” sign to add dynamic value.

We can use our natural language to set up any dynamic measure value to get updated to the text. It is more like adding our own calculations without using DAX to display in the text 
We can name the value so that we can use the value name whenever required.

We can also customize the value by showing values in currency, decimal number etc. We also have the flexibility to choose separator for thousands.

The smart narrative visual is dynamic. If we apply slicers or cross filter it will automatically update the generated text and dynamic values in summary.

We can also edit the dynamic value created in Review tab. We can see the list of dynamic values listed in Review tab.

Toggle Auto generated values to ON to display auto generated values

Sometimes we may see some hidden summary symbol in smart narrative which means there is current data and filters doesn’t produce any result for the value.

Add smart narrative icon to the visual

Click anywhere on the visual and in the format pane choose general.

Expand Header icons and set smart narrative to ON to add Smart narrative icon to the visual

Click on the “Triple dot “button on top right of the visual. Now you can see the smart visual icon added to the header icons of the visual.
Now we can easily create summary of the visual by clicking on the icon

We cannot create summary for all types of visual.

Step 6 Save the visual

Finally, your Smart narrative is ready. Click save button to save the visual. 

When to use Smart Narrative visual?

When you want to generate human like narratives to write a summary about created visuals very quickly, we can go for smart narrative.

  • Smart narrative is great time saver which generates summary about visuals in a jiffy. 
  • It gives instant textual insights.
  • Narrative content updates dynamically when users interact with slicers and filters.
  • User friendly

  • Limited Customization
  • Smart narrative does not work with all visuals.


Smart Narrative is a powerful feature in Power BI that enhances the storytelling capabilities of reports by automatically generating human-like narratives based on data visualizations. While it offers convenience, users should also be aware of its limitations. It serves a best option for an experienced data analyst or users who is new to data analytics.

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