Monday, December 11, 2023

Lesson 11 - Card (New) Visual in Power BI Desktop

Microsoft released this new card visual in June 2023 with some added features to the existing card visual. This new card visual can able to show multiple metrics and can be grouped into a single container.

Here I showed Medal count of Top 5 Regions with their country flag

How to Proceed?

Step 1

Launch power BI desktop app and open the new report page and import the data required. 

Step 2 

In “visualizations” pane click on “Card (New)” which is highlighted in the given figure. 

Step 3  

Drag the data field into “Data Section” that you want to display.  

In the above visual, I have displayed No of Medals by Top 5 Region as Card. In this card visual we are showing the Count metrics in card. we can also show financial metrics, sales metrics, percentages etc.

The card showing Top 5 Countries based on their medal count. I created 5 card new visual with medal count and grouped together.
You can also apply filters on the card visual. 

Step 4

Customizing the appearance
You can customize the appearance of the card visual. Click anywhere on the visual and set the properties in the Format section. Compared to the old card visual, the new card has many formatting option. Let’s look into that in detail

Shape: Expand Shape and we can format the shape of the card. Here we have the ability to customize the shape corners.
For this visual, I Applied Rounded rectangle.

Expand Callout option, we can format the font style, size, color of the callout value displayed in the card

Expand label for formatting labels in the card. Spacing can be customized to adjust the distance between the label and card value

One of the best added features of new card visual is that we can add image to the cards which looks more appealing.

Here for our card visual I have added Countries Flag image to represent Region with their medal count.

For card visual they added a feature called Accent bar a vertical line which can be added to the card and it can be customized with these options.

Step 5 Save the visual

Finally, your Card Visual is ready. Click save button to save the visual.

When to use Card visual?

New card visual can be used when we need to show multiple metrics  adding some more interactive features.

  • Simple and straightforward visual.
  • Card visual represents focused presentation of key data points
  • It supports interactive features
  • Easy to understand
  • Can show multiple metrics in single card

  • Since this is in preview there will be some limitations.
  • While Applying background effect, glow effect to card visual ,shape of the card changes


Card visual in Power BI is a wonderful tool presenting focused and specific metrics, providing a clean and readable representation of KPI’s. It may not be suitable for every reporting scenario, especially for those requiring complex visualizations or a more exploratory approach to data analysis.

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