Monday, January 13, 2020

Data Platform Tips 47 - Azure Table Storage

Tables storage component diagramAzure Table Storage is part of the Azure Storage Service and is schema-less that stores NoSQL data on Cloud. Azure Table Storage is easy and cost effective for many applications. It can be used to store and query large volumes of structured and non-relational data.

With Azure Table storage, you only for the capacity that is used.

Table names in Azure Table Storage is not case sensitive.

Table Storage comprises of Storage Account, Tables, Entities and Properties.
  • Account - Storage account on Azure which provisions Table Storage.
  • Tables - Collection of Entities that doesn't enforce a schema.
  • Entities - Set of properties similar to a Database Row. Can be up to 1MB size. 
  • Properties - Key/Value pair. An entity can include up to 252 properties.

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