Saturday, January 04, 2020

Data Platform Tips 38 - Query data in Azure Data Explorer Web Interface

a) Logon to the Azure Portal.

b) Navigate to the provisioned Azure Data Explorer Cluster named "adeclusterdemo" and copy the URI of the provisioned cluster.

c) Logon to

d) Click the "Add Cluster".

e) Provide the Cluster URI copied in step b) and click on Add button.

f) Check whether you are getting the below error or cluster has been successfully added.

g) If you get the above error, then make sure to execute the below command in the query editor of the "adeclusterdemo" cluster on the Azure Portal. If you used microsoft account email address to logon to the Azure Portal to provision the cluster, then use the following query.

.add database adeclusterdemo users ('msauser=[your live or hotmail email address]')

else check this URL

h) Try adding the URI again.

i) Once added, then execute the below query and you will be able to access the data from your Azure Data Explorer cluster.

| sort by TimeStamp desc
| take 10

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