Monday, December 30, 2019

Data Platform Tips 33 - Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a stand alone tool that allow users to work with Azure Storage data on multiple operating systems.

Install Azure Storage Explorer

Once installed, you can sign in using your Azure Credentials and all the subscriptions and storage accounts associated with the subscriptions can be then accessed via the storage explorer.

a) To connect to Azure Storage, you can either connect by any one of the following ways.

b) We will connect using the Azure account and you can provide your Azure credentials for Authentication.

c) Once authenticated, you will be able to see all your Azure Subscriptions.

d) Now you can see all the storage services under all the subscriptions listed in Azure Storage Explorer.

e) You will also be able to view all properties related to your Azure Storage services in Azure Storage Explorer.

f) Using Azure Storage Explorer, you will be able to do most of the operations over your Azure Storage services.

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