Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Data Platform Tips 17 - Restore database on Azure using automated backups

Azure SQL Database allows you to restore database from Point-in-time-restore backups or Long-term backups. The backups can be restored to

a) New database on same database server
b) New database on any database server in the same region
c) New database on any database server in any other region

Restore Database on Azure Portal

a) Log on to the Azure Portal. steps a) and b) for creation of resource group and Azure SQL Database.

b) Navigate to the "sampledb" under "AAD-SQL" resource group and click on "Restore".

c) Restore database from Point-in-time backups. In this scenario, you will be restoring the database to a different database within the same server.

d) Once the restore is complete, you can see the new database as shown below.

e) Restore database from long-term backup retention as shown below.

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