Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Azure Resource Explorer in Azure Data Studio

Using Azure Resource Explorer in Azure Data Studio you can now manage Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL database, and Azure SQL Managed Instance resources.
1. Open “Azure Data Studio” and an Azure icon appears in the left menu bar. Click the icon to open “Azure Resource Explorer”.
2. Sign into Azure
3. Click the “Add an Account” button and you will be shown with the Device Code and URL and click on “Copy and Open” button and it will open the URL and Type the Device Code.
4. Pick the Azure account to sign in
5. Once signed in, the below window will be shown.
6. Close the above browser window and go back to Azure Data Studio to see the below screenshot.
7. Expand the connection to the see the list of subscriptions and SQL Services under them.
8. Finally you can also add Firewall rule to allow access to the Azure SQL Server.

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