Saturday, October 21, 2017

SQL Database Managed Instance on Azure

Azure-Database-OptionsAzure supported Single and Elastic Pool deployment options for provisioning SQL Databases on Cloud. It now supports one more option which will allow organisations to life and shift their on-premises SQL 2005 and above database instances to a fully-managed PaaS, reducing or eliminating the need to re-architect apps and manage them in the cloud. The key difference is this new offering exposes entire SQL Server Instances to customers, instead of databases.
On the Managed Instance, all databases within the instance are located on the same SQL Server instance under the hood are just like on an on-premises SQL Server instance. This guarantees that all instance-scoped functionality will work the same way, such as global temp tables, cross-database queries, SQL Agent, etc. This database placement is kept through automatic failovers, and all server level objects, such as logins or SQL Agent logins, are properly replicated.
The new Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS) is a fully managed Azure Service that enables seamless migrations of SQL Server instances from on-premises to Azure Database Platforms with only a few minutes of downtime.
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