Sunday, February 05, 2017

Set up a sample SQL Database on Azure

1. Log in to the Azure Portal.

2. Select SQL Databases from the side menu


3. Click on Add to create a new SQL Database


4. Type the Database name, select a resource group (can be either new or existing) and Select source as Sample (AdventureWorksLT) to create a sample database with tables or go with Blank Database option if you want to create your own tables


5. Configure the Server and then click Create button.


6. Once the sample SQL Database is successfully deployed, you can see the details in the below screen.


7. Note, to change the pricing tier to basic if you are using for learning purposes.


8. Connect to the Azure Database server using SQL Server Management Studio.


9. You will be prompted to sign into your Azure account as shown below.


10. Once signed in successfully, a firewall wall rule will be created to allow your PC to communicate to the Azure database.


11. You can now successfully connect to the Azure Server and browse the AdventureWorksLT sample database.


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