Sunday, October 23, 2016

PowerApps – Turning Data into Apps

PowerappsMicrosoft PowerApps is a solution to build custom business applications that enables increased productivity with business apps that are easily created, shared and managed. PowerApps offers a modern, intuitive experience for LOB application development
Power Apps allows you to create applications automatically without writing any code and can be built over existing datasets stored in the form of Excel spreadsheets, SQL Databases, Custom SharePoint List, CRM Online, Salesforce or using Microsoft Common Data Model.
This may sound similar to the LightSwitch Application which Microsoft introduced back in 2011. But PowerApps are not only just used to create applications but also allows applications to integrate with other SaaS products in the market.
Note: Microsoft have released a blog post on LightSwitch update and advised that Visual Studio 2015 is the last release of Visual Studio that includes the LightSwitch tooling and we recommend users not begin new application development with LightSwitch.

Creating your first PowerApp

a) PowerApps are still in preview mode but you can sign in using an organisation email address. Register for PowerApps
b) Once logged in, click on “Create an app”
c) Select “PowerApps studio for Web”
d) Select One Drive for Business from the list of Datasets
e) Choose OneDrive and connect to your OneDrive with your credentials and provide PowerApps the necessary permissions.
f) Choose the sample Excel spreadsheet from your OneDrive folder.
g) Choose the table from the Spreadsheet and click Connect
h) PowerApp will be created for the selected dataset.
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