Thursday, October 06, 2016

APIDaysNZ 2016 – Day 1

APIDaysDay 1 of the APIDays NZ 2016 conference started with 2 key notes. Started with Lillian Grace on and totally impressed with the presentation and how much she was passionate about data. Didn't know about before but will start using it now to know more about NZ. Next one was from Glenn Block from Auth0 on Hypermedia. After this session my thinking about Hypermedia changed completely. Initially I was thinking it was complex and is it really providing any Business value? Glenn cleared this all with his presentation.
Following on with that we had 2 streams of sessions. One focusing on Technical and another one on Strategy. Irresistible APIs was my next pick and thoroughly understood how to design APIs to make developers life easy. Then the session with Rajeev on Go Digital or Die Trying with the clear explanation on what Digital really mean for an Organisation. It's all out 3 things. Bits, Analytics and driving towards an Eco system along with sharing some resources from the Apigee website. I personally used the resources from Apigee website when I was thinking about designing APIs.
Then a great presentation on Auckland Museum and they use APIs to share the wealth of information they have with the wider world. It was really impressive to hear about the information that they hold currently. Steven Cooper from Xero took us through how to use Machine Learning and various patterns to analyse the API error logs and find the pattern and address them. Really cool to find an excellent use case for Machine Learning. Thomas Cully then explained us on what micro services really meant and how they shouldn't be compared with monolith applications.
Ian Randall from PushPay shared his experience around the development of their Public and Mobile APIs and also kindly shared on how they use continuous delivery to deliver new features for their customers. I was impressed when he mentioned about new features getting deployed every 2 hours.
Swagger or RAML what do we use for API specification. Did we come to a conclusion? The answer is it depends and what works for you. Justin and Giovanni gave a good comparison between Swagger and RAML. Personally, I like using Swagger than RAML. More a personal choice though. I will write about why in a separate blog post.
Final session for the day was from Abhishek Tiwari on Stored Procedures as a Service and it was great to have a open talk about how they are working on solving their issue with the legacy implementation through APIs. Really interesting for people to know that even if you are stuck in a legacy environment still there is always light at the end of the tunnel so nothing wrong in trying to incorporate APIs.
On the whole it was a great day with a good mix of speakers and of course kudos to the volunteers and sponsors. Really well organised event and of course no complaints about the food and I got my Vegetarian options too.

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