Friday, October 07, 2016

APIDays NZ 2016 – Day 2

APIDaysDay 2 started with a great keynote from Markus Lanthaler from Google on JSON-LD and hydra. JSON-LD for Linked Data opens up lot of potential opportunities to share data on the Web and let other applications to consume them. Also he mentioned about to create, manage schemas for data. Good to know that is sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex and has a huge support from them. Mark up your emails with JSON-LD and this is what the user experience will be on Gmail.
Next session was Expert Panel discussion facilitated by Dennis Ashby with members from Westpac, Certus and IBM. Really frank and open discussion and then attended Gareth and Rick's session on Hypermedia API Architecture Patterns. Learnt a lot about Hypermedia in the last couple of days.
Can we really create and use APIs in Legacy environments? Yes, it's possible and that's the talk from Paul Williams and it was a great session sharing the architecture for a real world client. Missed the API Design Aesthetics session but lots of tweets about the session. Keen to watch the session once published online. Instead I attended preparing an Organisation for Decentralisation presented by Ian from IntegrationWorks. Ian clearly talked about how culture, collaboration, automation are key for decentralisation. Great talk Ian got lots of insights.
Next is Axel's session on Implementing API platform, lessons learned from real world customers, yes of course real world is totally different complex and has to pass through lot of hurdles to achieve outcomes. Start something simple and prove to the business, key takeaway from the session.
How Telco industry will look in 2020, good presentation from Nisha Clark from Vodafone and explained how customer experience is key in Telco industry and how much they had to do behind the scenes with legacy systems still providing better experience.
Todd blown us away with his demo on Hypermedia clients and I really need to watch that again. Last it was my presentation on designing pragmatic RESTful APIs, more focusing on getting our basics right when thinking about designing APIs. APIs must be easy to use or you will loose your consumers. Also mentioned about the lessons I personally learnt from the conference on API Design. Thanks for APIDaysNZ and Saul Caganoff for providing me the opportunity to speak at the conference.
Great Speakers and over loaded with lots of information and met lots of people. Thoroughly enjoyed the conference and looking for the next year too. It worth mentioning again that it's a well organised event, great speakers, good food and of course thanks to all sponsors, volunteers and Apigee specially for keeping us awake with your coffees throughout the 2 days.
RESTful API Design - Second Edition [Courtesy: Apigee]

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