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Lesson 31 - Q and A Visual in Power BI Desktop

Q and A visual allows users to ask in plain English and get answers in the form of visuals. Through Natural language processing capabilities, it understands users queries and generate visualizations based on the data.

How to Proceed?

Step 1 

Launch power BI desktop app and open the new report page and import the data required. 

Step 2 

In “Visualizations” pane click on “Q and A” which is highlighted in the given figure

Step 3

Main advantage of Q and A visual is that it can understand complete sentences or shorter phrases too. It can give suggestions based on the data which makes easier for us to phrase questions. 

When we type question, the fields get recognized by power BI and field will be underlined in blue color and unrecognized words will be underlined in red

Type question in the “Ask a question about your data” box, it will show some suggestions by default or you can pick from pre prepared questions. Click on more suggestions option at the bottom to get more questions.

Here I choosed pre prepared question from the list of suggestion. By default Q and A visual shows best suited visual for the question asked about data. If you want specific chart type add “as” along with the end of the question followed by chart type.

Step 4

Creating standard visual from Q and A visual

We can convert the Q and A visual to a standard visual by click on the icon on the top right corner. Once the visual get converted to a standard visual you can make required visual settings to the chart.

Step 5: Setup the Q and A visual

Click on the settings icon to set up questions.

Click on the suggest questions and frame questions. click add and save.

Add synonyms

Adding synonyms helps power BI recognize the words related to field. For E.g., region can also be asked as countries, we can add or remove related terms for a field.
By default, power BI shows synonyms suggestions based on the words used.

Teach Q and A 

Type questions in plain English and click submit.

Step 6 Save the visual

Finally, your Q and A is ready. Click save button to save the visual. 

When to use Q and A visual?

When we want to produce insights quickly, we can go for Q and A visual and also it can be used to give answers in real time when we ask questions.

  • Enables users to interact with data
  • User friendly
  • Automatically create visualizations which saves time and effort.
  • Quick and intuitive data exploration
  • Limited Customization
  • May have performance issues when converting complex queries to visualizations.
  • We have to setup proper synonyms to get visuals correctly.


The Q&A visual in Power BI is a powerful tool for interactive and user-friendly data exploration. Its natural language querying capabilities make it accessible to users to derive insights and visualize data dynamically.

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