Thursday, February 20, 2020

Data Platform Tips 85 - Clustered and Nonclustered Indexes

The purpose of adding indexes to database tables is to increase the speed of retrieving data from these tables. An index contains key values that are created from one or more columns from a database table.

There are two different types of indexes:
  • Clustered indexes
  • Nonclustered indexes
Clustered indexes essentially dictate the way data rows are sorted and stored physically in that sorted order when inserted into a table. Clustered indexes are good for quickly retrieving a range of rows based on the key values—because the table is already sorted, based on those key values.

CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX Idx1 ON dbo.Employee (EmployeeID)


Nonclustered indexes do not alter the way in which the data rows are stored in a table.
Nonclustered indexes are created as separate objects from the database table and have pointers back to the data rows in the table.

    ON Purchasing.ProductVendor (BusinessEntityID);

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