Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Data Platform Tips 77 - Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge

Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) on IoT Edge empowers developers to deploy near-real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices. Enterprises can now deploy control logic close to the industrial operations and complement Big Data analytics done in the cloud using ASA on IoT Edge.

Azure Stream Analytics Edge jobAzure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge runs within the Azure IoT Edge framework.

ASA Edge jobs run in containers deployed to Azure IoT Edge devices.

They are composed of two parts:

  • Cloud part responsible for job definition: users define inputs, output, query, and other settings (out of order events, etc.)
  • A module running on your IoT devices containing the ASA engine and receives the job definition from the cloud.
ASA uses IoT Hub to deploy edge jobs to devices. Refer to IoT Edge Deployments

More information on IoT Edge -

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