Friday, February 07, 2020

Data Platform Tips 72 - What are Streaming Units?

Azure portal Stream Analytics job configurationStreaming Units (SUs) are computing resources required to execute a Stream Analytics job. The computing resources are a combination of the measure of CPU, memory, and read/write rates.

SUs can be set as 1, 3, 6, and up in increments of 6. The maximum number of SUs that the streaming job can use can be determined by looking at the input, output, and query.

For queries that do not have any partitioned steps (not using PARTITION BY), the maximum number of SUs is six. For partitioned queries (using PARTITION BY), the maximum number of SUs for the job is calculated by multiplying the number of partitions by the number of partitioned steps, by six SUs for a single step.

By default, each Azure subscription has a quota of up to 500 SUs for all the analytics jobs in a specific region. To increase SUs for your subscriptions beyond this quota, contact Microsoft Support.

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