Monday, February 03, 2020

Data Platform Tips 68 - Inputs supported in Azure Stream Analytics

Stream Analytics is a managed Azure service for processing large amounts of streaming data coming from Azure Event Hubs or Azure IoT Hubs or Azure Blob storage. All Stream Analytics jobs have a basic structure of
  • Input(s), 
  • Transformation Query and 
  • Output(s)

Stream Analytics has integration with three kinds of input resources.

a) Azure Event Hubs
b) Azure IoT Hub
c) Azure Blob storage

These inputs can be in the same Azure subscription of the Stream Analytics job or also from a different subscription.

Inputs in Azure Stream Analytics is of 2 types.

Data stream input

A data stream is an unbounded sequence of events over time. Stream Analytics jobs must include at least one data stream input. Event Hubs, IoT Hub, and Blob storage are supported as data stream input sources.''

Reference data input

Stream Analytics also supports input known as reference data. Reference data is either completely static or changes slowly. Azure Blob storage and Azure SQL Database are currently supported as input sources for reference data.

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