Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Data Platform Tips 63 - Azure HDInsight and VM Sizes

Virtual machines in Azure are optimized to suit different use cases. The VM size and type is determined by CPU processing power, RAM size, and network latency. VM sizes for Linux and VM sizes for Windows machines on Azure.

Type Sizes Description
Entry-level A, Av2 Have CPU performance and memory configurations best suited for entry level workloads like development and test. They are economical and provide a low-cost option to get started with Azure.
General purpose D, DSv2, Dv2 Balanced CPU-to-memory ratio. Ideal for testing and development, small to medium databases, and low to medium traffic web servers.
Compute optimized F High CPU-to-memory ratio. Good for medium traffic web servers, network appliances, batch processes, and application servers.
Memory optimized Esv3, Ev3 High memory-to-CPU ratio. Great for relational database servers, medium to large caches, and in-memory analytics.

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