Thursday, January 23, 2020

Data Platform Tips 57 - Create an Interactive Query Cluster in HDInsight

Interactive Query supports in-memory caching, which makes Apache Hive queries faster and much more interactive. Interactive query makes it easy for developers and data scientist to work with the big data stored in Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage using BI tools.

Interactive Query is different from Apache Hadoop cluster as it contains only Hive service supporting in-memory caching.

In this post we will look at how to provision Azure HDInsight Interactive Query cluster using the Azure Portal.

a) Log on to the Azure Portal.

b) Search for HDInsight in the Azure Marketplace.

c) Select the Cluster type and in this case we are going to provision the "Interactive Query" Cluster.

d) Choose the storage type and in this case we are provisioning Azure Storage.

e) Once provisioned you can see the Azure HDInsight Interactive Query Cluster and can execute Apache Hive queries using the cluster.

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