Saturday, January 11, 2020

Data Platform Tips 45 - Azure CLI and Azure SQL Database

Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) provides cross platform command line experience in managing Azure resources. Az SQL Commands allows you to manage Azure SQL resources.

You can install Azure CLI using the MSI Installer or via PowerShell.

You can logon to PowerShell prompt as an Administrator and run the following.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri 
-OutFile .\AzureCLI.msi; Start-Process msiexec.exe 
-Wait -ArgumentList '/I AzureCLI.msi /quiet'

The above command will download and install latest version of Azure CLI for Windows and if a version is already installed, it will update it.

Once installed you can run the Azure CLI commands either from a windows command prompt or PowerShell.

List of Azure CLI commands that can be used to manage Azure SQL resources.

Full commands reference for Azure CLI -

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