Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Data Platform Tips 27 - SQL Data Sync with On-premises Database

In the previous post, we looked at how to create a SQL Data Sync to sync with Azure SQL Database and in this post we will look at how to include an on-premises database as a member database in the Sync Group.

Add an On-Premises Database to the Sync Group using Azure Portal

a) Log on to the Azure Portal.

b) Create a Sync Group as indicated in the previous post with a Single Azure SQL Database.

c) Now let us add an on-premises SQL Database to the Sync Group as a member database. Navigate to "Sync to other Databases" and select the Sync Group "SyncGroupDemo".

d) To add an on-premises database as member database, you need to create Sync agent.

e) Download the Client Sync Agent and install it to provide access to the on-premises database from Azure.

f) Once you have installed the Microsoft SQL Data Sync client, provide Sync Agent name and create and generate the key for the Sync Agent which needs to be added to the Sync Client.

g) Configure Microsoft Data Sync 2.0 with the key that was generated in the previous step.


h) Once the SQL Data Sync Agent is configured, now you can add the on-premises database as the member database.

g) Finally select the tables and columns that needs to be sync'd.

h) Once you click on "Save", the sync process will start and when queried the on-premises database you could see the tables sync'd.

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