Monday, December 09, 2019

Data Platform Tips 22 - Azure SQL Analytics

ArchitectureAzure SQL Analytics is a cloud only monitoring solution that collects and visualises Azure SQL Database performance metrics, all in one place for trouble shooting. The solution doesn't use any agents therefore doesn't support monitoring on-premises instances. It allows to collect all metrics related to Azure SQL Database, Elastic pools, databases in managed instances and store in a Log Analytics workspace.

a) Logon to the Azure Portal.

b) Search for Azure SQL Analytics in the Azure marketplace.

c) Create a new Azure SQL Analytics solution as shown below.

d) Once created, you can see both Log Analytics workspace and Azure SQL Analytics solution provisioned within your resource group.

e) Now we can see how to stream your Azure SQL Database diagnostics to Azure SQL Analytics solution.

f) Navigate to your Azure SQL Database and click on "Diagnostic Settings" and add the required Diagnostic settings.

g) Also stream the diagnostics data to the newly created Azure Log Analytics workspace. You can do this across all your Azure SQL databases.

h) Once enough data is collected, you can view the summary dashboard on Azure SQL Analytics solution.

Azure SQL Analytics (Preview) is a great solution to monitor all your Azure SQL services in a proactive manner.

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