Saturday, November 23, 2019

Data Platform Tips 7 - Move Azure SQL Database from one region to another

There may be reasons why organisations need to move an existing Azure SQL Database from one region to another region. Let us see how to do that using Azure Portal.

a) Logon to the Azure Portal

b) Create a new resource group named "move-azure-sql-db"

c) Create a new database named "move-azure-sql-db" database  and server named "move-azure-sql-db-server" in "AustraliaEast" region.

d) The "Move" option allows to move the database to another resource group or another subscription. But what we are trying to do is move the database to a new region and in order to do that we need use the Failover option.

e) Create a Failover group named "move-azure-sql-failover-group" and add the database to a new database server named "move-azure-sql-db-server1" in a different region "Southeast Asia".

f) Now initiate the failover by clicking the "failover" button so the database is moved to the other region.

g) Once the failover has happened, clear all the resources from the source region like the database and the database server.

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