Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Data Platform Tips 3 - Auto-failover groups

Failover group is a group of databases managed by a single Database server or within a single managed instance that can failover as a group to another region in disaster situations. Supports both  Automatic and Manual failover,

Note: Name of the failover group must be globally unique. (.database.windows.net)

Adding a single database to failover groups

a) Create new resource group named "failover-group"

b) Create a new SQL Database named "failover-group-db1" and a SQL Server named "failover-group-server1" in 'Australia East" region.

c) Navigate to the "failover-group-db1" and click on Failover Groups and create a failover group name as "fog-failover-group"

d) Create a secondary server named "failover-group-db-server2" in "Southeast Asia" region and add "failover-group-db1" database to the failover group.

Initiating a Manual Failover using Azure Portal

a) Navigate to the "fog-failover-group" under "fileover-group-server-1" and notice that the "failover-group-db-server1" has the primary role and "failover-group-db-server2" has the secondary role.

b) Initiate the failover by clicking the "Failover" button and once the failover is complete, "failover-group-db-server2" has the primary role and "failover-group-db-server1" has the primary role.

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