Thursday, January 04, 2018

Azure Tools – Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a free stand alone application that is available for Windows, Linux or Mac and connect to the storage account on Azure and to upload, download and manage blobs, queues, tables and Cosmos DB entities.

Download Azure Storage Explorer

Install the Azure Storage Explorer and connect to your Azure account as below.

Add an Azure Account. Options available in the Drop Down List are Azure, Azure China, Azure Germany, Azure US Government, Create Azure Stack environment.


Provide your credentials to connect to your Azure Account


Once connected, you can now see your Storage accounts as shown below


Navigate your storage account and do appropriate action you need to perform on them.


Great tool to just navigate your Azure Storage locally without the need of using the Azure Portal. I use the Blob storage to store my SQL bacpac files and this tool is quite handy to download them or perform other actions.

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