Sunday, December 18, 2016

Power BI Embedded

Azure Service to add built-in Analytics to Web and Mobile applications. Allows users to easily author interactive reports without writing single line of code using Power BI Desktop. No logins or Office 365 AD Accounts required.
With Power BI Embedded there is no need to register the application in Azure Active Directory and no need for users to login to access the reports. If required users can be authenticated through Forms or application specific authentication.PowerBIEmbeddedSample
Like any other service in Azure, resources for Power BI Embedded are provisioned through the Azure Resource Manager APIs
a) First you need to provision a Power BI Workspace Collection. It can be created either manually using the Azure Portal or programmatically using the Azure Resource Manager APIs
b) Download and Unzip the sample from GitHub.
c) Provision a workspace in the existing Workspace collection created in step a by following the instructions on
d) Finally import your PBIX file and then you can run your sample application to see your PBIX embedded in the application.
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