Thursday, November 03, 2016

What is Serverless?

serverlessServerless is a new cloud computing trend that changes the way you think about writing and maintaining applications. Serverless is code with no maintenance.
The phrase “serverless” doesn’t mean servers are no longer involved. It simply means that developers no longer have to think that much about them. Computing resources get used as services without having to manage around physical capacities or limits. Service providers increasingly take on the responsibility of managing servers, data stores and other infrastructure resources.
The essence of the serverless trend is the absence of the server concept during software development.
Serverless pattern encourages development focus on well defined units of business logic, without premature optimization decisions related to how this logic is deployed or scaled.
Servers are alive and well in the serverless world, but their role has changed in an important way. Instead of supporting a specific application, clusters of servers provide a generic execution environment for any number of applications
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