Saturday, November 12, 2016

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft-TeamsMicrosoft launched Microsoft Teams in preview mode, a new work chat Application for Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams is a direct competitor to Slack which also bring team communications in one single place.
Microsoft Teams allows users to create channel, integrates with the Office suite this will mainly to share documents, spread sheets etc. and automated systems and chat bots. It also enables voice and video chat through Skype integration. It includes a project planning tool to assign tasks directly to team members.
Microsoft Team clients are also available for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone.
You can enable Microsoft Teams with your existing Office 365 subscription as shown in the below screenshots.
a) Login to your Office 365 portal and navigate to “Services and Add-ins” and you can see the “Microsoft Teams”
b) Turn on “Microsoft Teams” and you can see the following features.
c) Once enabled, navigate to the URL and also you can download a desktop app of Microsoft Teams.
d) Also a bot is waiting to answer my questions already. Really cool….
e) It allows you to change Themes through Settings.
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