Friday, October 28, 2016

MS Ignite NZ 2016 – Day 3

Day 3 was personally special to me as I was doing a talk at the MS Ignite NZ 2016 for the first time. Was I nervous? Of course, a little bit but Thanks to Microsoft for providing Speakers Training especially for first time speakers like me.

I attended the following sessions even though I had a talk to do.

Learn about the Dynamics 365 Roadmap

Nicole and Mike presented on the Roadmap of Dynamics 365 where AX and CRM are integrated to one. It really made sense why MS made that decision but interesting to know it only available on the cloud. Cloud First, Mobile First Microsoft Strategy definitely could understand that. Really good session and so impressed with the capabilities Dynamics 365 is going to offer customers and of course we are a Dynamics customer too.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Made Simple

Chris Lowe and Myles Matheson took us through the journey of moving data (large volumes) to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and really showed us how simple that was. The demo on using Power BI to then connect to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and how quickly you can visualise it using Direct Query even though you are aggregating billions of data in real time. Really cool demo and thanks for sharing it with us.

Women in Technology Lunch Session

I was looking forward for this session and unfortunately could attend the entire session as I had to do a talk following this session. I attended it briefly and really had a great panel of speakers who really shared their experiences with us and need to watch the recording for the missed part. Truly inspiring.

Build modern Enterprise BI Solutions using SSRS 2016

It was my time to give my first presentation at MS Ignite NZ 2016. What a great experience it was? First of all thanks to Microsoft for giving me this wonderful opportunity to present at the Ignite Conference, Speakers Training was really useful too and Thanks Olivia Mitchell for that and of course Meridian Energy Limited (the place I work, best workplace) for the encouragement and support from day one all the way up to the final presentation day. My colleagues who attended the Ignite session with me and thoroughly supported me throughout. Few more mentions, Kirk Jackson for encouraging me to speak at the Local .NET User Group sessions in Wellington and also being there attending my session to support me. Bevan Arps and James from Spark whom I know from .NET user group days.

Last but not the least the technical crew who assisted me and made everything so easy and simple as I didn’t find anything hard all the way from setting up my laptop and doing my demos. You were really great and thanks for assisting me being a first time speaker at Ignite NZ 2016.

Coming to the audience, my session was full of questions and made my session more interactive. It was really good to understand what people wanted to know about the topic and the questions helped me to cover off anything I missed. Personally thoroughly enjoyed presenting at the Ignite Conference.

Thanks to everyone who gave some wonderful feedback about my session and it is really encouraging and motivating to do more in the future. As promised at the session, I will put a blog post on responses for some questions along with some useful links.

Thanks for my family too who were supporting me from India and US and encouraging me through their WhatsApp messages.

Feel free to contact me on twitter handle @shantha05 if you have any more questions.

Thanks to Kirk for taking some photos during the session.
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