Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Azure Data Catalog – Enterprise Data Assets

Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that stores, describes, indexes, and shows how to access any registered data asset. The focus of Data Catalog is to bridge the gap between IT and business. Crowdsourced annotations let users who are knowledgeable about the data assets registered in the Catalog to enrich the system at any time. This helps others understand the data more readily, including its intended purpose and how it’s being used within the business.
Azure Data Catalog extracts the following information from the data sources:

  • Asset Name
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Description
  • Attribute/Column Names
  • Attribute/Column Data Types
  • Attribute/Column Description
The Data Catalog REST API is a REST-based API that provides programmatic access to Data Catalog resources to register, annotate and search data assets programmatically. The service gives capabilities that enable any user, from analysts to data scientists to developers, to register, discover, understand, and consume data assets.

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