Saturday, November 14, 2015

BISM Normalizer

BISM Normalizer manages Analysis Services Tabular models for Enterprise Implementations.

  • Database Compare – Allows to compare different versions of the tabular models.
  • PowerPivot Model Migration – When migrating a Tabular model from PowerPivot to enterprise-level in Analysis Services, the “Import from PowerPivot” can be used. But this will create separate PowerPivot database for each migration. BISM Normalizer allows to merge models migrated from PowerPivot model into appropriate Analysis Services database.
  • Allows to maintain a master model that can be extended by different implementations within the Enterprise.
  • Enables Partial Deployments by scripting selected differences from the model.
  • Reports differences between models in an easily distributed Excel format.
  • Full Integration with Visual Studio allowing tight integration with TFS and enables Code Merging.
  • Reuse definitions between tabular models for alignment with common business definitions in an enterprise organisation.

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