Saturday, April 25, 2015


The Resource File Generator (Resgen.exe) converts text (.txt or .restext) files and XML-based resource format (.resx) files to common language runtime binary (.resources) files that can be embedded in a runtime binary executable or satellite assembly.

Resgen.exe is a general-purpose resource conversion utility that performs the following tasks:

  • Converts .txt or .restext files to .resources or .resx files. (The format of .restext files is identical to the format of .txt files. However, the .restext extension helps you identify text files that contain resource definitions more easily.)
  • Converts .resources files to text or .resx files.
  • Converts .resx files to text or .resources files.
  • Extracts the string resources from an assembly into a .resw file that is suitable for use in a Windows Store app.
  • Creates a strongly typed class that provides access to individual named resources and to the ResourceManager instance.
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