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AngularJS is a MVC framework developed by Google for creating dynamic views efficiently in a web application using HTML and JavaScript. Other JavaScript frameworks that are available are
  • KnockOut
  • JQuery
  • Backbone
  • Ember
AngularJS is a open source complete application framework, complete replacement for JQuery.
  • It is fully dynamic MVVM with POJOs
  • It does low level DOM manipulation using directives and templates
  • AJAX/REST API interaction (Resource Module)
  • Code Organization, Dependency Injection, testability
  • Single Page Application Support with Routing (AngularUI Router)

AngularJS vs JQuery

AngularJS JQuery
Complete application framework DOM manipulation, animations and an AJAX Wrapper
Organized Code, easy to maintain Verbose code, hard to maintain
Best choice for Dynamic UIs Horrible choice of Dynamic UIs
Out-of the box 2 way binding Need to code a lot for 2 way binding

AngularJS vs Backbone

AngularJS Backbone
Out of the box MVVM support Cannot provide MVVM support without add-ons
Dependency Injection, Testability No DI and not easily as testable
Full-featured framework Light weight framework (not fully featured)
Actively Developed Not Actively Developed

AngularJS vs KnockOut

AngularJS KnockOut
Complete Application framework Not an complete Application framework
POJO is supported No POJO
Code Organization, Testability No Code Organization and not easily as testable
No Code Duplication Code Duplication
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