Saturday, May 18, 2013

.NET User Group Meeting - Data Centric Applications using LightSwitch 2012

Going to present on Data Centric Applications using LightSwitch 2012 at the .NET User Group next month. Drop in and enjoy the session.

Need to build a nice front end for a new or legacy database with minimum amount of code? Want to build an application that can be deployed as Windows or Web application?

LightSwitch, Microsoft's Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for developing data centric Line of Business (LOB) applications. LightSwitch allows you to connect to various data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, OData feeds, SharePoint lists etc) and create front-ends using Silverlight or HTML5 client.

This session will take you through the architecture, scenarios on when to use and not to use, Silverlight and HTML5 front end demos and Deployment of LightSwitch applications.

Wednesday, June 19 2013

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