Monday, June 14, 2010


Business Class Generator for LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework

Linquify by Primary Objects is a C# .NET business class generator for LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework, helping to support rapid development of .NET and ASP .NET web application data layers. Linquify is free for use under the LGPL.

Linquify installs as a Visual Studio 2008/2010 addin, which allows you to select your LINQ to SQL dbml file or Entity Framework edmx file and automatically generate a set of easy to use business classes. The generated classes allow you to support a complete 3-tier software architecture and simple handling of database objects, with full support for LINQ queries. Customizations to the generated classes can be easily made within the generated user partial classes.

Linquify Key Features

  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 Addin for easy generation.

  • Compatible with LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework.

  • Compatible with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and any other compatible database platform via the LINQ provider, DbLinq.

  • Automatic generation of Types library, containing business classes, and supporting 3-tier architecture.

  • Simple Load(), Save(), Delete() methods for making database calls.

  • Full support for LINQ queries.

  • Full support for passing DTO objects within Session and between postbacks.

  • Optimized SQL query execution.

  • Includes generated partial classes for customizing business objects.

Download Linquify Addin v 1.6

Note: The above installer should automatically create VS2008/2010 addin. If it is not created you can create it manually using the following instructions.

Linquify Addin instructions - Manual install

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